One Year Wedding Anniversary - June 21 2015

Today marks our One Year Wedding Anniversary!  


Overjoyed with so much love this weekend, we celebrated our good friends wedding yesterday outdoors and was surrounded by the most beautiful, beautiful property! Since we were already in Cambridge, Gabe made reservations to Langdon Hall's restaurant for brunch where we had ingredients from the properties garden. 

Christina from Truffle Cake & Pastry surprised us and made Gabe and I a replica of the top layer of our wedding cake just for our anniversary! Knowing that this is one of her most busiest weekends and she took time out to make us a cake AND deliver it to us, Gabe and I couldn't be more thankful as her cake has so much significance to our day (not to mention I have dreams of her salted caramel cake).  And if your wondering where the original went, I couldn't hold back and ate the whole thing two days after our wedding day!

Just sharing the love from the weekend...

xo, L